Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sims 2: Child of Death Challenge #3 (INCOMPLETE AND DISCONTINUED)

NOTE: This series and the rest of my Sims 2 series are discontinued. I'm putting this post out incomplete in the form I left it in when I was working on it. Refer to this other blog post.

It's not like I took this picture while writing the previous post!
(Yeah, I took a small break after the exams. Sorry. Enjoy this post.)
(I'm using Arial?!)
Welcome to the Child of Death challenge! Last time, the kids grew up! And I'm totally not angry at Earl for growing up with a horrible outfit! I swear I'm not!

...stop giving me that look! How do I know that you're making a face? Um... don't be suspicious!

I totally don't have cameras to monitor you! I just... assumed. Yeah, I just assumed that you were making a face!

"We have to play outside!"
Just click that Read More button now, nothing suspicious... no, for reals this time!

The blog is being discontinued. At least the Sims 2 part.

I honestly don't enjoy blogging the Sims 2 anymore. I dunno, it feels like I'm doing something wrong when I just play the Sims 2 for fun and don't blog about it.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

An even quicker blog update!

Read the last update before reading this. Did you read it? Great, click this Read More button now! Gosh, I sound like Dora the Explorer while imagining saying this in my head. Um, you can continue now.

Yay, reusing old pictures!
And this was from the blog itself!

Monday, 12 September 2016

Blog Update: Why haven't I been posting?

Just a picture of a butterscotch cinnamon pie I made that I found that I could use for visuals.
Whaaaaaaaat? I'm not dead? No, I didn't quit blogging.

You may or not know that I'm from India. Here, school starts in April. This Friday, exams start. I am still in school and I have to study. Because of this, my parents took away my laptop. I just have my dad's iPad and my Kindle, so I can't blog. Well, I am blogging right now, but I can't blog about the Sims. 

When am I getting my laptop back? Well, exams finish on 30th September (IST). That's when I can get my laptop back. My laptop is in one of those office lockers at my dad's office. My dad arrives home at 7 PM (IST) so I won't get much done by then. There's a chance he might forget it, and the next two days are Saturday and Sunday, when he has a day off. If he forgets, then I'll have to continue work on the next post on 3rd October (IST). Let's just hope he doesn't forget and that my exams go well!

I'll leave with a picture I took of my laptop and headphones. I don't think it worked, but whatever.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Sims 2: Insane Family #4

Nice house.
The family they moved in with is the Family family. Yup. Family.
Welcome to the Insane Family Challenge, where I'm gonna show all of you what Connor, Connor and Eric (As in, the kidnapper and the toddlers) are doing!

Meet the teen Connor (Sue me for all the Connors) who is a dark magic user! Why are we here? Well, click Read More! It's right there! Right under this text!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Test Of Time Challenge #5: Johnsons

Yay, floating babies!
Welcome to the Test of Time Challenge, where I write ridiculously long posts! Today, I'll be playing with the Johnsons! This post has the most abrupt ending ever. Well, read on.
Honestly, the Johnsons were boring at the start. This is the first good picture I took. Emerald, please don't shower while your husband is playing with your child. Oh, right! You should be clicking 'Read More' by now!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Sims 2: Child of Death Challenge! #2

A picture of mother-daughter bonding time while said mother and daughter are ghosts is a perfect image to put at the top of this blog post! They don't look very happy though. Is it because of how long this caption is? Because this caption is long.
Welcome to the Child of Death challenge, which I posted pretty quickly! Last time, the kids turned into toddlers! Which means that Death, the evil twin, has to kill someone with her mind!

... yay?

Before you click Read More, (If you haven't already) then you should look at the terrifying baby on the right. Ok, ok, I know, I've made the terrifying baby joke already. Let's just get onto this!

Friday, 5 August 2016

Sims 2: Insane Family Challenge #3

This house is ugly.

Welcome to the- wait a second! I'm getting regular pageviews now? Cool! Wait, I was doing the intro to this, right? Whoops! I'll start again.

Welcome to the Insane Family Challenge, which I updated after a long time! Last time, Eric and Connor were kidnapped! Yay?

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Test Of Time Challenge #4: The Gerudas

NOTE: My laptop's battery was getting replaced so I couldn't make progress on this post for a few days.

Welcome to the Test of Time challenge, where I lose a lot of progress while trying to put a merged neighbourhood in my game and have to write another post!
Finally, it's spring, when- oh, wait. You most likely read at least a bit of the post before giving up, didn't you? Yeah, I'll just skip over a lot of details.